Omslag till For the english reader

For the english reader

Marcus Beijar Mellin

Publicerad: 2018

Pris: 200 kr

Genre: Poetry

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 160

Format: 135x206 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-639-5734-5

Nybohovsgränd 19
117 63 Stockholm

Telefon: 0793-133 704

In Sweden today, most artists aim at writing for an English audience. This is mainly for the craving of wanting a different and larger audience than Sweden offer. It might be justified, since Sweden is oppressing its own talents, but lets criminal foreigners rob and rape the country simply because they are from another country. Sweden has become self destructive, and might not live much longer. Out of the brainwash for being called ‘racist’ they give up any claim of national independence. My motive for writing in English though, has been a different one. At one time I met a person whom claimed himself to be journalist, he wanted me to write for Egyptian newspapers and I produced the articles that introduce this book. The other writings in this book, are produced for the English speaking Suufi muslims, that I met during my one and a half year stay in Copenhagen. They are also meant as a means of communication with the inhabitants of this wonderful city. Besides, per chance, it becomes a ticket for myself, out to those people whom do not understand Swedish, and I think foremost of Japanese readers. As one of the poems puts it; 
 Depending on your eye –
 The name you put –
 Reveals a different world...
 In the apparently same physical object: