Omslag till Headwaters of the Amazon River

Headwaters of the Amazon River
A journey into the unknown

Henrik Höijer

Publicerad: 2020

Genre: Äventyrsroman

Språk: svenska

Sidantal: 168

Format: 110x178 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-519-6524-6

Ramateljén i Uppsala

Maple White, a young American from Detroit city is eager make a career for himself in Zoology.
 A first-hand witness account from a botanist tells of a tantalizing discovery made in the unexplored parts of the Amazon basin. This gives him the opportunity to mount an expedition and journey deep into the jungles of Brazil.
 The small yet experienced team of scientists leave for South America and embark on a quest. Their search, often dangerous, takes them into the very heart of the rainforest. 
 Their goal, to reach further into the jungle than any other earlier explorer and to investigate what the botanist claims to have witnessed.

This is the fieldjournal of the expedition.