Omslag till Serendipity & Me

Serendipity & Me

Ric Wasserman

Publicerad: 2021

Genre: Biografier & Memoarer

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 242

Format: 135x206 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-527-0236-9

Ric Wasserman

Telefon: 0730421795

Serendipity has been a central theme in Ric’s life. Not as a substitute for decision making, but as a guiding force he’s willingly followed. He chose to tread a path, together with his life partner Britta, which has invariably led to an unusual, sometimes strange, always steady stream of wonderous adventures around the world.

Ric Wasserman is a TV- and radioproducer, lab technician, filmmaker, and performer. Born and raised in New York, he’s been a resident of Sweden for 45 years.