Omslag till Thougts of Survival

Thougts of Survival

Gabriel Afram

Publicerad: 2023

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 182

Format: 130x200 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-527-4783-4

Gabriel Afram

Gabriel Afram grew up in poor circumstances and vulnerability, but early in life showed evidence of a rare inner wealth and strength. He was the fatherless young man adopted by an entire national movement.
 His contribution to the Assyrian people is unique in modern times. As an organizer, he led the formation of Assyrian associa tional life in Sweden with all that entailed: culture, publication of learning materials in the Assyrian, national federation, the Magazine Hujådå, and much more. As a leader, he was inspired to challenge outdated structures and stood firm when the wind blew fiercely. As a journalist, he created a school with his radio voice and an elegant Assyrian language that fascinated the many listeners of Radio Qolo, at the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation. As an author, he has given us many valuable treasures, such as the book Invaders and the extensive Swedish-Assyrian dictionary. His contributions to the Assyrian language remain underestimated.
 Standing for what he believes in is his hallmark. When an Assyrian student of history defended his use of double epithets for the Assyrians by saying that the people do not know better, it is said that Gabriel Afram replied: Have you studied and acquired knowledge to follow the people or for the people to follow you?

Hujådå editorial
Afram Yakoub
Former Chairman of the Assyrian National Federation