Omslag till Poems From the Afternoon

Poems From the Afternoon

Carl Magnus Pysak Carestam

Publicerad: 2021

Genre: Poesi

Språk: svenska

Sidantal: 48

Format: 125x200 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-977482-4-7

Västra Kalthus 1, Stället
432 96 Åskloster

In Poems From The Afternoon, the second part of a trilogy, the poet returns to an existential perplexity. Alienation, cynicism, melancholia and inner demons are always present. Spiritual restlessness and homelessness are the foundation of his dark thoughts. Sometimes the poems themselves seems to echo across an endless abyss of heart-breaking despair of the abstract mortality of life itself. But there’s also a sense of longing for something else. For human warmth and tenderness. And in the far distance a glimpse of a new dawn. There’s a seed that sprout, a starfruit, in the light of the afternoon sun.