Omslag till Rainbow People & The Journey

Rainbow People & The Journey

Itumeleng & Lefifi Tladi

Publicerad: 2022

Pris: 200 kr

Genre: Konst

Sidantal: 108

Format: 155x220 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-987814-0-3

Lefifi Tladi

Itumeleng and Lefifi Tladi were both born in the township of Lady Selbourne in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. However, it would be decades later before they met for the first time, in 1980 in Sweden, where their individual journeys through the African and European continents had brought them. Presented in this book is a collaboration where Itumeleng’s poem Rainbow People is accompanied by Tladi’s graphic series The Journey.

ITUMELENG is a poet, musician and singer-songwriter from South Africa. His works have been published in magazines in Tanzania and Zambia. Among other musical recordings, Rainbow People has been recorded by Eric Bibb, but is presented here for the first time in printed format.

LEFIFI TLADI is a thinker, poet and painter born in 1949 in South Africa. He burst onto the national South African political scene during the 1970s through participation in the Black Consciousness Movement’s (BCM) cultural events and as one of the founding members of the group Dashiki. Forced into exile in 1976, he first went to Botswana and then Sweden. His paintings are exhibited in museums and galleries across the globe.