Omslag till Slave of Regulus

Slave of Regulus

R. A. Robinson

Publicerad: 2004

Genre: Fantasy

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 184

Format: 110x178 mm

Utförande: limbunden

ISBN: 91-7910-560-2

Rachel Baldwin, Aurenv, LLC
Forsbackagatan 24
123 43 Farsta

Telefon: 08-604 07 04, fax 08-604 30 68

This is the story about a young girl, who was kidnapped from her family and fights her way to freedom.
We will follow her adventures full of love, battles, death and birth and a few surprises. All on the planet Regulus.

This is the fourth book by Rachel, who has moved to Swe­den with her husband to continue to tell her exciting stories.