Omslag till The cipollinian

The cipollinian

Adeola Omotayo Aderounmu

Publicerad: 2022

Pris: 200 kr

Genre: Roman

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 98

Format: 135x206 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-639-4278-5

Adeola Omotayo Aderounmu

Telefon: 073-733 77 73

Just before the robbers emerged, Ariana ran from Donaldoni and she tried to make a scene as she dashed towards the entrance to the parking lot, but she was promptly stopped by the officers. The gun shots became intense, Leo had perched at the back. He had no gun to fire and was the first to dive out of the car. He gave himself up. It appeared he fractured a bone when he jumped out of the moving car.

After an unexpected tragedy, the present and the past of a mafioso family got exposed with dire consequences.
The Cipollinian is a work of fiction.

Adeola lives in Sweden where he works as a special education teacher. He writes short stories and blogs as a hobby.