Omslag till The Skills of Life

The Skills of Life

Lennart Berg

Publicerad: 2020

Genre: Livsfrågor

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 56

Format: A4 mm

Utförande: Spiralbunden

ISBN: 978-91-982362-3-1

Lennart Berg
Jupitergatan 1
661 33 Säffle

Telefon: 073-817 23 17

In THE SKILLS OF LIFE or TO DARE TO LIVE, Lennart Berg has gathered thoughts about life and its meaning. In an open and uncomplicated way, he tells about his life, from childhood to today, through anxiety and illness, about the struggle to return to life. In his writing, Lennart asks important questions about life and its conditions, questions that we in the modern high-speed society, where happiness is measured in gigabite and megahert. His writing calls for reflection and is intended to awaken the thoughts of those who read it.
Kenneth Åström
Teacher, Molkoms Folkhögskola