Omslag till Kahuna Principles in Business

Kahuna Principles in Business

Ulric Rudebeck

Publicerad: 2015

Genre: Företagsutveckling & ledarskap

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 146

Format: 170x240 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-633-7620-5

Förlag: Urvision AB

Urvision, Ulrik Rudebeck
Idungatan 14
113 45 Stockholm

Telefon: 070-552 95 66

What can possibly the wisdom of the Kahuna worldview
teach a modern business person?

International management consultant Ulric Rudebeck is an expert in visioning, execution of changes and long term strategies using large scale images as a tool to ensure exceptional performance of corporations. He has specialized in top executive teams performance and how this influences the business and its results in very turbulent and complex situations.
 Ulric meets an extraordinary woman, a Kahuna, and step by step is guided into a journey that will take him to very different realms. It will permanently change how he looks upon himself as a professional and the work he does. He has to re-evaluate of how the world and its businesses are constructed.
 This the second book in a series will explore in more detail how the principles can be practically applied to change a business. The book gives each of the principles a separate chapter so it is easy to pick any of them and be inspired to explore these ideas further. It is full of direct examples and step by step instructions. There is also a deck of cards for the principles to be used as a working tool for practice. 
 For almost a decade Ulric has used these principles with extraordinary results by his clients. This is a synthesis of years of exploration of that wisdom called the Kahuna-tradition expressed as principles.