Omslag till Kahuna principles

Kahuna principles

Ulric Rudebeck

Publicerad: 2011

Genre: Andlig utveckling

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 180

Format: 170x240 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-633-2781-0

Urvision, Ulrik Rudebeck
Idungatan 14
113 45 Stockholm

Telefon: 070-552 95 66

What can possibly the wisdom of the Kahuna worldview teach a modern person?
International management consultant Ulric Rudebeck meets an extraordinary woman, a Kahuna, and step by step is guided into a journey that will take him on a ­transformational journey to very different realms.
   Ulric is an international expert in visioning and long term strategies using large scale images as a tool to ensure exceptional performance of corporations. He is reluctant to accept what he sees, hears and feels. Gradually ­however he is forced to see and in the end embrace a very different approach to how the world is constructed. It will permanently change him personally and how he looks upon himself as a professional.
   In this self revealing book Ulric describes his powerful journey. It is a personal exploration filled with joy and pain that breaks down previous belief structures and ­creates new ones. It is also a re-evaluation of how the world and its businesses are constructed.
   It is a synthesis of years of exploration of a wisdom called the Kahuna-tradition expressed as principles. The book gives each of the principles a separate chapter so it is easy to pick any of them and be inspired to explore these ideas further.
This the first book in a series. The next “Kahuna Principles in Business” will explore in more detail how the principles can be practically applied to change business.