Omslag till Strategic Vision Work

Strategic Vision Work

Ulric Rudebeck

Publicerad: 2008

Pris: 100 kr

Genre: facklitteratur

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 250

Format: 180x240 mm

Utförande: limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-633-2780-3

Urvision, Ulrik Rudebeck
Idungatan 14
113 45 Stockholm

Telefon: 070-552 95 66

This handbook will show you how to lead your organisation in the 21st Century through the use of images, visions and strategies.
   Vision and strategic planning are concepts often referred to in management jargon. But how often is a vision actually implemented?
   Strategic Vision Work is the first book, which covers the creation of a company vision and also provides tools to put the vision into practice.
   It is a unique step-by-step guide on how to involve your team in a visionary process, using creative dialogue at all levels. How to implement and anchor the vision within the company so that your team feels totally involved, is another important chapter.

Strategic Vision Work includes using pictures, metaphors and imagination as part of the process. It encourages logical as well as emotional intelligence in people. A new language is created.
   The process is active and hands-on and opens up a freshness in com­municating, stimulating and utilising un-tapped knowledge within the team – a team that takes active part in creating a leading edge company –
a must in the 21st Century.

Ulric Rudebeck is an international management consultant and senior executive coach. As CEO in a variety of organisations and as head of university research teams, he has a unique insight into organisational dynamics.
   His previous books include “Strategisk Visionering” (The strategic visioning process) and “Leda Intellektuellt Kapital” (Future leadership in an intellectual economy), which was awarded the ‘Leadership book of the year 1998’ in Sweden.