Omslag till The Children of Happiness

The Children of Happiness
A story of Facts and some Fiction

Christina Carling

Publicerad: 2019

Genre: Släkt- och kulturhistoria

Språk: engelska

Sidantal: 52

Format: 220x220 mm

Utförande: Limbunden

ISBN: 978-91-519-1920-1

Christina Carling
Barks väg 10
170 73 Solna

Telefon: 08-85 58 75

This is a story about Sweden’s transformation from a country of farmers to a modern industrial country during 175 years, starting at the end of the 18th century and stopping in the 1960’s.
 It is a social and cultural history focusing on the living conditions of High and Low as seen in the history of the five generations of my own family. All people have existed, and still exist.
 The focus of interest is the children, their parents, their grandparents and great-grand-parents and in some cases even great-great-grandparents.  
 It all starts with Pretty Cissi, said to have been exchanged with the son of the foreman of the manor.

Christina Carling (b. Anna-Stina Sjögren)